Customer-First Marketing

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We cover the entire return journey

Automate the return process. Gain complete control over customer behavior and reduce your lead and processing times by up to 60%.

Digital return journey on your website
Improve the customer experience by allowing customers to place their returns, exchanges, or claims directly on your website. Offer the customer the opportunity to:

  • Exchange size
  • Submit for repair
  • Make a claim

Increase your re-conversion and provide customers with a 360° experience of your brand.

Paperless returns
Minimize manual work by digitizing all documents such as return forms and shipping labels. Shipping labels are automatically generated via a QR code. Good for the customer, even better for the environment.

Reduce your processing times by up to 60%.

Automated transport and return flow control
In the decision engine, rules are set on how and where a return should be directed based on factors you choose. Examples:

  • Product in need of repair or maintenance: Generate transportation to a Repair Hub
  • Product with too low value to take back? Generate transport to an Outlet or donate to charity.
  • Product in season and bestseller? Generate priority transportation to the selected warehouse.

Reduce your environmental impact and transportation costs through optimized transportation.

Automated refunds
Easycom’s decision engine can handle and automate advanced refund rules for both B2C and B2B scenarios

In addition to automated refunds, there is an option to offer vouchers as a refund method. Examples:

  • The customer wants to return a sweater valued at 350 SEK and is offered a voucher as a refund with a value of 400 SEK to redeem in the webshop.

Keeps the customer in the loop and increases the re-conversion rate by up to 20%.